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Lightweight track with thinner tiles and shorter rails.

Includes tiles with cut outs for propping up jump sections.

Track can be used with or without jumps.

Tracks can be made into an “L” or “Oval” layout by itself.

Combine additional off-road kits to make longer and more challenging layouts.

The Off-Road Track can be combined with other 50cm track kits like the Wide L and the Wide Oval, but please note that the tiles may not line up evenly at the joints due to the thinner tiles of the Off-Road Track. This is not an issue when running off-road RC trucks and buggies.

One side of the Off-Road Track is smooth and the opposite side has an embossed skinned finish.

The off-road track uses 50cm tiles that measure approximately 20” x 20” in length and width.

Info: 40 pcs/set

Item: SETR-17440M-01

UPC: 0605482007747

Size: 12' 4" X 9' 8" / 12' X 6' 5"

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