RCP-TRACKS™ | Short Oval - Grey Edition (50CM Low Profile)  - (SETR-C20414-01)

Info: 14pcs/set | Dimensions: 9'6" x 6'4" | Weight: 18 lbs.

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Our low profile designed tracks are the same great quality as our standard black version tracks,

except that they are a light weight alternative track; which is slightly thinner and has a shorter rail height.


  • Track includes everything needed to make a complete layout. Including tiles, rails and pins. No glue or tools needed to assemble.
  • The 50cm tiles measure 20” x 20” in length and width.
  • Easy to calculate space required. Add up the number of tiles on each side of the track and multiply by 20” to figure total length and width of any layout.
  • Two surfaces are incorporated into this track. One side is smooth just like the professional black tile tracks used for competitive racing. The other side has an embossed skin for a different driving experience. Using soft rubber tires will provide  added traction on both sides.
  • This track incorporates a slightly thinner tile than the standard black tile tracks.
  • Side rails are slightly shorter than standard tracks for a different overall look.
  • Soft side rails help prevent damage to RC cars and trucks.

Layout Options using Short Oval (Grey Edition) - SETR-C20414-01

Combine tracks together to create longer and more challenging layouts. The Short Oval track incorporates the same smooth surface that many of the pro events are racing on.

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